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Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two technologies that have limitless applications in most fields and digital marketing is one of them. As of 2022, most SaaS businesses are using predictive marketing automation technologies that are powered by AI.

Adopting a data-based approach rather than a knowledge-based approach is helping businesses make accurate decisions related to growth. Apart from helping businesses make the right call, the union of AI and digital marketing has also helped with the automation of processes, reducing labor, and increasing ROI in multiple ways.

In this UNICHED article, we have highlighted the areas in which artificial intelligence has proven its might and how it benefits business owners.

Let’s get straight into it.

Cumulative benefits of AI in digital marketing

It will be on-point to state that AI has been a part of digital marketing processes for years. Email automation, customer onboarding, Google Ads, etc., the list just goes on. Before we dive into the areas in which AI has helped businesses in general and marketers in particular, let’s take a look at why AI has now become an integral part of digital marketing.

  • Saves resources: Money, time, and manpower. The three important things a business needs to grow and prosper are saved massively by AI. Integrating AI-based technology is a one-time investment, it saves hours of time by doing things in minutes, and of course, the size of the marketing team can be small.

  • Accurate: The data-based decision-making approach is impressively accurate. Earlier businesses used to rely on the guts of the marketer and salespeople which could be wrong, ending up with a massive loss.

  • Ages like wine: As your company generates more data, it trains the algorithm to become even better. This ensures that the process becomes even better. Furthermore, the return on investment is extremely high for this reason.

Having understood the overall benefits of AI, we should take a look at the areas in that you can implement AI in your business.

User experience

Whenever you sign up for a typical SaaS product, you are requested to fill in a few details. Those details help the application craft a custom-made, tailored experience for you. Another example that most can relate to is the ‘recommended for you’ page on every social media.

Based on the details you filled in, your usage pattern, and your personal needs, AI is able to understand and cater to your needs. This undeniably impressive feature helps business owners deliver a great experience to their customers. Customers will definitely share the word and you, as the business owner, can use it as a selling point in your advertising messages.

Customer support and visitor interaction

Chatbots have become an indispensable tool for businesses and a successful example of AI in digital marketing. Chatbots work round the clock to help out users with any roadblocks they might run into. In cases that require human intervention, chatbots help by creating tickets and sending related help docs.

Another area where chatbots excel is welcoming visitors to the website and helping them to find the things they are looking for. This helps the potential customer save time and get the value quickly and helps the business by learning more about the visitor. If the said visitor has a query, they can immediately interact with the chatbot and as a result, the business can capture a lead.

Content creation

There are a lot of articles on the internet that are written by AI and the percentage of businesses that are using it is going to increase. Even though a lot of businesses still prefer to have all their content created by humans, elements of that content can be created by AI. For instance, you can generate topic ideas by simply entering a few key terms. Of course, the keyword research and analysis are mostly being done by AI-based tools already.

Not only does this save a lot of time, but also it takes the guesswork out of the equation entirely. If you have a few words that you can use to define the essence of your business, within minutes, your keyword research and topic ideation will be completed.

Targeted marketing

Gone are the days in which marketing meant relaying your message on a large scale to a larger audience and hoping some will buy your product. Thanks to artificial intelligence in digital marketing, marketing has become more to the point. Email marketing, push notifications, in-app messaging, social media ads, etc., have been personalized to an impressive degree.

This has solved the budget shortage problem in the marketing department and has increased the ROI substantially. Integration of AI in digital marketing has allowed small to mid-sized businesses to thrive by finding their target customers easily and not wasting money by advertising to people who don’t want or need their product.

Taking business decisions

Data analysis apps like Mixpanel help companies make data-based business decisions that help them further their growth. For example, if you are experimentally running five marketing experiments together, you need accurate information for each. Data analysis helps business crunch their marketing data fast and understand it easily.

Due to the assistance of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, making the right decision has become easier.

Below we have compiled a list of friendly tips that you can utilize to keep yourself and your marketing processes up to the mark.

Best practices while implementing AI in digital marketing

Although AI has been used in the field of digital marketing for years, we have a couple of helpful tips that you should be aware of in order to get the most out of it.

  • Keep experimenting: Nothing is perfect, ever. Even though your automated systems perform the way you want them to, they still need guidance. Continue to enhance your process by adding/modifying the rules.

  • Stay updated: With the increasing popularity of the metaverse, the rules of engagement of digital marketing evolve rapidly. It is of paramount importance that you stay tuned with the updates of the industry to get the most out of it.

Wrapping up

The applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing are ever-increasing. More and more businesses are automating various facets of their business to maximize profits. We hope that this article has given you ideas and information regarding the implementation of this technology.

Happy marketing.

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